Protect data in your organisation with tools you already own

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements.  

The protect and govern sensitive data workshop will help you to get started with protecting your sensitive information and raising end user awareness by using the products you already own. 


By attending this workshop we’ll help you with: 

  • Using the Microsoft Purview tools and services you already own. 
  • Implementing foundational data protection by configuring policies and enabling services. 
  • Gaining insight into (risky) user behavior, mitigate and control identified risks. 
  • Defining the next steps towards your wider data protection and data governance. 
  • Improving your privacy and compliance posture. 

What to expect 

By the end of this engagement, experts in Microsoft compliance will provide you with: 

  • Insight into the current state of your Microsoft 365 service activation, as well as an overview of your requirements as they relate to Microsoft 365 compliance, governance, and risk management solutions.  
  • A findings overview, which lists and interprets privacy and regulatory risks identified by the data protect process and observed during the engagement. 
  • Recommendations that map the observed privacy and regulatory risks, user feedback, and assessment results to Microsoft Purview information protection and data lifecycle management products to mitigate impact and improve the organisation’s data protection posture. 
  • Recommended activities and next steps that will lead towards a company-wide roll out of Microsoft Purview products and services to protect and govern sensitive data. 


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